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ALAB is a Filipino term for the word “blaze”, which means burning fire. ALAB embodies our burning passion in sending the message across.


It all started with a vision of a better Environment.


ALAB was originally founded to bring together people, who share the same passion in speaking for the Earth. We call ourselves Pollution Control Advocates. Together, we officiate tree planting activities, culture

immersions and free lectures on Environmental Sustainability. With our team's continuous effort, our company was registered as a Training Provider Corporation under Securities and Exchange Commission in January 2020. Giving us the opportunity to reach wider audience, especially those who greatly impact our Environment.


ALAB was initially composed of volunteers who are working towards a common goal, a greener future. As more and more people come together to join this cause, we were able to grow our pool of experts. Currently, our training team is composed of the finest trainers and consultants who are top in their fields. 


Pollution Control Advocates of ALAB share one purpose, to be a powerful voice for the Environment. It was true when ALAB was just a club, it's just as true today.


To provide powerful environmental education that promotes proactiveness and responsible actions


To connect people to the environment one training at a time.

We Value

  • Life

  • Sustainability

  • Relationship

  • Passion

  • Quality

  • Innovation

Our Board of Directors


May Ann Estavillo


Lark Ebreo


Eunice Punzalan


Board Members 

Engr. Cesar Abaca Jr. 

Michelle Regulacio, PhD

Ramer Baustista, PhD

Victoria Migo, PhD

Violeta Demillo, PhD

Our Staff


Ainah Figuerroa

Admin Staff

Kate Tria


Joennel Cunanan

Admin Staff

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